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Coop Classic Dip Mix

8,69 kr 6,95 kr

Description: No chip without dip. The classic dip has the familiar seasoning with taste of, among other things, peppers, onion and garlic. It fits perfectly with all kinds of chips, but also for vegetable bars. For example, if the kids should have a little easier by getting cucumber and carrot sticks down. You can also use it as an accessory for grilled or fried meat or for the freshly cooked potatoes. Mix the spice mixture with creme fraiche, skyr, fromage frais or other dairy product that can give a good, creamy consistency.

Brand: Coop
Type: Dip
Info: 0,017 kg
Flavour: Classic
Shipping Weight: 0,06 kg
Ingredients: Maltodextrin, starch, paprika 13.5%, flavour enhancer (E621), salt, onion powder 6%, sugar, modified starch, garlic powder, yeast extract, aroma, hydrolysed corn protein, pepper, sunflower oil.
Nutritional pr. 100 gr
Energy 1440 kj / 340 kcal
Fat 2,2 g

- there of saturated fat

0,3 g


- there of sugars

66 g

0 g

Fibers 0 g
Protein 12 g
Salt 11,5 g