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Kay Bojesen Monkey in Teak - Mini

687,44 kr 549,95 kr

Description: This beautiful monkey is designed by Kay Bojesen. The monkey is a perfect decoration and is very suitable as a gift. The monkey can both sit down and hang in the arms. It has very natural colours, which makes it fit into any room and any style.

Kay Bojesen's popular monkey family has become a monkey richer. Now you can get the classic monkey in a 10 cm mini version of teak and limb wood.

The little monkey will spread joy and life in both the children's room, the living room or just where you choose to put or hang it.

With Kay Bojesen's mini-abe you get great personality in miniature, and it is an ideal opportunity to expand your existing collection or start your collection

  • Material: Teak, Limba & Oiled
  • Colour: Nature
  • Length (cm): 10
  • Height (cm): 9,5
  • Depth (cm): 4

Brand: Kaj Bojesen
Type: Danish Design
Shipping Weight: 0,2 kg