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Zendium Toothpaste Sensitive Whitener

58,69 kr. 46,95 kr.

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Description: Zendium sensitive whitener is gentle on your enamel while it restores the natural whiteness of your teeth. Uses the same natural enzymes and proteins as your mouth. 2 Pieces.

Brand: Zendium
Type: Dental
Info: 0,1 L 
Shipping Weight: 0,2 kg
Ingredients: Aqua, Hydrated Silica, xylitol, glycerin, Potassium nitrate, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolyzate, Steareth-30, Disodium pyrophosphate, Disodium phosphate, sorbitol, xanthan gum, Parfum, Chondrus Crispus, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium benzoate, amyloglucosidase Zinc gluconate, Sodium Saccharin, Glucose Oxidase, Potassium Thiocyanate, Lysozyme, Colostrum, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Citric Acid, CI 77891.