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Christmas is coming sooner than you realise! Order now and be all prepared to celebrate this special time of the year. We made this selection of Christmas products for you, so you can enjoy a Scandinavian Christmas wherever you might be in the world.

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Danish Christmas traditions

A Danish Christmas is filled with traditions and “hygge”. Denmark celebrates their Christmas on the 24th. of December also known as Christmas Eve. They eat a traditional Danish Christmas dinner with feast of Danish Christmas food together with family and/or friends and after they finished eating they start giving each other presents and dance around the Christmas tree. A traditional Danish game is often played after dinner, called “Pakkeleg”. Everyone brings small present with them (all gift wrapped) and put them in the middle of the table. One by one you throw a dice, if you throw a 6 then you can take a present, but you cannot open it immediately. This continues until all the packages are taken. So it can easily be that some have lots of presents and others none. After all the packages are taken the timer starts (how long the time is set for is unknown). Now the dice goes around again with the same rules, so if you throw a 6 than you can take a package, but now you steal it away from someone else. This makes the game exciting, because of the time pressure and you can steal someone else’s presents! Once the timer rings the game is over and what you have in front of you is now yours. Finally the unpacking can begin! The presents are mostly small funny/silly things that are useful for everyone or edible. An other tradition that can’t be missed is dancing and singing around the Christmas tree. Everyone gathers around the Christmas tree and holds each other’s hands so a circle is created. Together they sing different Danish Christmas songs while dancing around the tree. If you are Danish, this is the proper way to spend your Christmas!

Danish Christmas food

Most of the times a Danish Christmas food dinner includes duck/goose, pork or turkey. You can find a variety of Danish dishes on the table like: Medisterpølse, Flæskesteg, Brune kartofler, Hvide kartofler, Rødkål, Rødbeder, Tyttebær and Brun sauce. It is hard not to overeat with Danish Christmas food, but you have to keep some space for dessert! For dessert a rice porridge dish called Risalamande is eaten. This rice pudding is not only delicious, but adds a fun part to the Christmas table as well. Depending on the amount of people at the Danish Christmas food table there is 1 or more whole almonds hidden in the dessert within crunched almonds. Everyone takes some dessert and the lucky one who finds the whole almond while eating gets a present.

Spend your Christmas in Scandinavian style

Even when you live abroad it is now possible to spend your Christmas in Scandinavian style. Bring that ‘hygge’ into your home wherever you are. Make your Christmas complete with Scandinavian Christmas food products from NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. We know as no others how important products from your home country can be, especially in times like Christmas. We offer all the Scandinavian Christmas products that you are craving for - you would especially be able to find many Danish Christmans food products online here. Make your Christmas special this year, so it is one to remember. We continuously add new products to this section, so you don’t have to miss out on anything. Decorate your home with some Danish flags, serviettes, candles and more to create that special Scandinavian Christmas wherever you are.

Surprise your loved ones with Danish Christmas Food Online

Do you have friends or family living abroad and do you want to give them a special unique surprise for Christmas with Danish Christmas food? Then you are at the right place. We at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP offer a large selections of Scandinavian and Danish christmas food products online for everyone to enjoy. Surprise your family or friends with a typical Danish Christmas food or drink like Schnapps, mulled wine or Christmas beer together with some typical Danish Christmas cookies and sweets. Especially in times like Christmas, people want to feel at home and what’s better to be able to give someone that special feeling.