Egekilde Citrus 1,5 L

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Description: Egekilde has its source deep below the old oak trees in a forest in South Zealand, Denmark. The pure, crystal clear water of the source has been cleansed and filtered by centuries-long sifting through the calcareous subsoil of the area. This provides a fresh and unspoiled taste of natural mineral water added with light soda, - directly from the source in the woods. In Egekilde citrus, natural citrus oils are used to achieve the authentic and natural taste.

Egekilde is CO2 neutral - verified by COWI A/S.

Brand: Egekilde
Type: Flavoured Water, Sugar-free
Info: 1,5 L
Flavour: Citrus
Shipping Weight: 1,7 kg
Ingredients: Natural mineral water, carbonic acid, natural citrus oils and flavors. Mineral content per liters: Calcium 57 mg. Sodium 14 mg. Potassium 3 mg. Bicarbonate 310 mg. Flour 0.9 mg. Barium 0.015 mg.