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Gin, Tonic & Accessories by Iben Diamant

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Description: Gin is Hip and gin is not just gin. Each brand has its distinctive character, which can be emphasized with a special mix of ingredients. Iben Diamant is an enthusiastic ginateur and tells in her book about different types, brands and accessories, glass and gear.

Here, the story of the ewe, introduction to the academic terms, all about the different "botanicals" - the flavours that leave their aroma in the pure alcohol and give different types of gin and their distinctiveness. Iben Diamant also offers classic and new drink recipes and tells how to find your very own gin style. A little nice book for all those who want to know a little more about their favourite drink. A tonic should emphasise and highlight the many nuances so it complements the gin. This particular is traditionally and historically a bitterness from quinine and citrus, but it can also be sweetness, water and last but certainly not least the beautiful bubbles.

Type: Book
Language: Danish
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