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Knorr Asparagus Soup

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Description: Knorr Asparagus soup is a fresh, delicate soup. The soup can be enjoyed either as an appetizer or as a light lunch. If the soup is to be made really festive, you can for example add shrimps, white wine or air dried ham. Serve the soup hot.

Brand: Knorr
Type: Soup
Info: 0,14 kg
Flavour: Asparagus
Shipping Weight: 0,19 kg 
Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable fat (palm), starch, white asparagus 8.5%, iodine salt, milk sugar, rice flour, yeast extract, milk protein, corn powder, sugar, maltodextrin, salt, fructose, lemon juice powder, aroma, turmeric, bay leaves, celery root. Can contain traces of eggs.
Nutritional pr. 100 gr
Energy 168 kj / 40 kcal
Fat 1,9 g

- there of saturated fat

1,2 g


- there of sugars

4,6 g

1,4 g

Fibers 0,5 g
Protein 0,5 g
Salt 0,83 g