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San Pellegrino Mineral Water 1 L

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Description: San Pellegrino is a mineral water that is recognized and appreciated worldwide for its ability to enhance the experience of the good taste of food and wine. On a 30-year journey through the mountains of the Bergamo area of ​​northern Italy, the water is cleansed and fed to the unique minerals from the volcano and limestone. At the expiration, crystal clear water is received and added to natural Co2. San Pellegrino is characterized by a slight bubbly feeling from fine bubbles with a refined taste. With a moderate acidity and a high mineral content (960 mg / l), San Pellegrino is a perfect match for rich wines.

Brand: San Pellegrino
Type: Mineral Water
Info: 1 L
Shipping Weight: 1,2 kg
Ingredients: Sulfur 445.0 mg / L Bicarbonate 239.0 mg / L Lime 179.0 mg / L Chlorine 54.8 mg / L Magnesium 52.0 mg / L Sodium 33.6 mg / L Silicon 7.6 mg / L Nitrate 2.9 mg / L Potassium 2.5 mg / L Flour 0.5 mg / L