Urtekram Day Cream

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Description: Urtekram is inspired by the Nordic birch forests and the gentle scent of the cornflower. Light day cream that fills the skin with moisture and has a firming effect. The kitin rebuilds and strengthens the skin and, together with natural minerals, gives a slightly firming effect. 

Type: Body Care, Organic
Info: 0,05 L 
Shipping Weight: 0,15 kg
Ingredients: Water, vegetable oil products, glycerin **, shea butter *, jojoba oil, aloe vera *, apricot oil *, almond oil *, corn starch *, giant nightly oil *, birch sugar, birch leaf extract *, horseradish extract *, perfume (plant extract), polysaccharide, bisabolol * , citric acid, magnolia bark extract, vitamin E. * = Organic ** = produced using organic raw materials.