Not every country has the same kitchen tools and therefore we do offer some equipment that can make your daily life abroad so much easier. 

Cooking Equipment

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Osti Cheese Slicer
59,95 kr
74,94 kr (incl. vat)
Osti Cheese Slicer
24,95 kr
31,19 kr (incl. vat)
Fiskars Peeler Left-Handed
94,95 kr
118,69 kr (incl. vat)
Fiskars Y-Shaped Peeler
54,95 kr
68,69 kr (incl. vat)
Fiskars Egg Slicer
94,95 kr
118,69 kr (incl. vat)
Fiskars Garlic Press
154,95 kr
193,69 kr (incl. vat)
Tea Scoop
34,95 kr
43,69 kr (incl. vat)