Everything Scandinavian

Take a trip down memory lane by inviting your fellow expats to a typically Scandinavian game night. Buy a cheese slicer to make dinner so much easier. Watch a Danish national soccer game dressed in all in red & white. Just some examples of the many possibilities the non-food products of NORDIC EXPAT SHOP - the Scandinavian food store online, offer. Not every country boasts such an unwavering love for their national flag as Scandinavians does. More important is the miniature flags that decorate the birthday table and makes you feel like a big deal. Find all you need to create a Scandinavian themed party to be proud of. Have a look around, we have a variety of Scandinavian products to create your perfect party.

Surprise your family or friends

Surprise your loved ones and decorate the next upcoming party in Scandinavian style. Give them a pleasant surprise and combine their favourite products in a nicely packed gift bag. Bring back those memories and create new ones wherever you are in the world with a little Scandinavian touch.

If you should have any special requests, we are more than happy to help you locate your favourite products. Just send an e-mail to our customer service and we will do whatever we can to answer your question or to fulfil your request. 

Non Food

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Danish Toothpick Flags
15,95 kr
19,94 kr (incl. vat)
Spiced Schnapps by Anne Hjernøe
184,95 kr
231,19 kr (incl. vat)
Gin, Tonic & Accessories by Iben Diamant
79,95 kr
99,94 kr (incl. vat)
Open Sandwiches by Trine Hahnemann
174,95 kr
218,69 kr (incl. vat)
Gone Fishing - Fish Recipes by Mikkel Karstad
394,95 kr
493,69 kr (incl. vat)
Cook Scandinavian by Camilla Plum
309,95 kr
387,44 kr (incl. vat)
The Nordic Kitchen by Claus Meyer
399,95 kr
499,94 kr (incl. vat)
The Nordic Diet by Trine Hahnemann
179,95 kr
224,94 kr (incl. vat)
Eat Nordic by Trine Hahnemann
209,95 kr
262,44 kr (incl. vat)
Osti Cheese Slicer
24,95 kr
31,19 kr (incl. vat)
Danish Flag Candles
27,95 kr
34,94 kr (incl. vat)
Fiskars Peeler Left-Handed
94,95 kr
118,69 kr (incl. vat)
Fiskars Y-Shaped Peeler
54,95 kr
68,69 kr (incl. vat)
Fiskars Egg Slicer
94,95 kr
118,69 kr (incl. vat)
Fiskars Garlic Press
154,95 kr
193,69 kr (incl. vat)
Draw and Guess
309,95 kr
387,44 kr (incl. vat)
Risk the Strategy Game
319,95 kr
399,94 kr (incl. vat)
UNO - Card Game
129,95 kr
162,44 kr (incl. vat)
Matador the Original
269,95 kr
337,44 kr (incl. vat)
All My Mornings on Earth - Troels Kløvedal
279,95 kr
349,94 kr (incl. vat)
Kim Larsen - My Young Years
269,95 kr
337,44 kr (incl. vat)
The Little Book of "Hygge" - Meik Wiking
139,95 kr
174,94 kr (incl. vat)
Kay Bojesen Turtledoves
849,95 kr
1.062,44 kr (incl. vat)
Kay Bojesen Monkey in Oak - Small
949,95 kr
1.187,44 kr (incl. vat)
Kay Bojesen Monkey in Teak - Mini
549,95 kr
687,44 kr (incl. vat)
Danish National Jersey Mini-Kit
409,95 kr
512,44 kr (incl. vat)
Danish National Football Jersey / White
519,95 kr
649,94 kr (incl. vat)