Those original Danish pickled cucumbers or pickled red cabbage just wouldn't be the same if you didn’t order them directly from Denmark. Order them directly online at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. You’ will be enjoying them before you know it. And thanks to our low shipping rates, there is no reason not to!


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Beauvais Pickled Beetroot
21,95 kr
27,44 kr (incl. vat)
Beavuais Pickled Cucumber Salad
22,95 kr
28,69 kr (incl. vat)
Beauvais Herregårds Red Cabbage
24,95 kr
31,19 kr (incl. vat)
Beauvais Pickled Gherkins
21,95 kr
27,44 kr (incl. vat)
Änglamark Organic Beets
23,95 kr
29,94 kr (incl. vat)
X-tra Red Cabbage
12,95 kr
16,19 kr (incl. vat)
X-tra Sliced Beets
15,95 kr
19,94 kr (incl. vat)
Coop Pearl Onions
9,95 kr
12,44 kr (incl. vat)
Beauvais Wild Lingonberries
34,95 kr
43,69 kr (incl. vat)
Beauvais Red Cabbage
21,95 kr
27,44 kr (incl. vat)
Beauvais Pickled Whole Gherkins
24,95 kr
31,19 kr (incl. vat)