No time to cook or you just don't feel like spending time in the kitchen today, but still want to eat a delicious meal? Try these classic dishes ready to eat. If you should have any special requests, we are more than happy to help you locate your favourite food products. Just send an e-mail to our customer service and we will do whatever we can to answer your question or to fulfil your request. 

Prepared Meals

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Pama Porridge Rice
22,95 kr
28,69 kr (incl. vat)
Møllerens Yellow Pea Soup
20,95 kr
26,19 kr (incl. vat)
Coop Mashed Potatoes
12,95 kr
16,19 kr (incl. vat)
Beauvais Tartlet Filling
34,95 kr
43,69 kr (incl. vat)
Beauvais Meatballs in Curry
37,95 kr
47,44 kr (incl. vat)
Beauvais "Turtle" Meatloaf
37,95 kr
47,44 kr (incl. vat)