Return & Refund Policy

NORDIC EXPAT SHOP delivers typical Scandinavian products worldwide. We pack all our products separately and professionally. We also keep in mind the best-before date of our products. Nonetheless, it could happen that products are being damaged, or that products expire, because your package was on its way for too long (more than 30 business days). In both cases it is possible that you can no longer use the products, resulting in the fact that you paid for something that hasn’t met your expectations. In both cases we would like to receive a couple of pictures of the damaged product or a picture of the best-before date of the product. After we receive the pictures, we will completely reimburse the damage you suffered, by retransferring the value of the product to your bank account, or – by mutual consent - provide you with store credit. If we have forgotten to deliver a product, we will also retransfer the value of that product to your bank account. Unfortunately, resending it is not possible, because we are all human (and people sometimes make mistakes).

In case we are unable to deliver a product, whatever the reason may be, we will also retransfer the value of the product in question to your bank account. But if, for example, you have included other products in your order, we choose to replace the undeliverable product with a product (of the same value), that we can deliver and that you ordered as well. This way, you still use the sending weight of your package that you paid for to the fullest, and your package will not be delayed. For example:

You have ordered 1 pack Haribo liquorice (kr 30 each) and 3 Toms chocolate bars (kr 15 each). If, in this case, we are unable to deliver 1 pack Haribo liquorice, we choose to deliver 2 extra Toms chocolate bars to you. In this case you make the most of the sending weight, your package will not be delayed and you are being compensated financially (1 pack Haribo liquorice is worth just as much as 2 Toms chocolate bars).

If you would rather not receive replacement products, but prefer your money back, then you can always indicate that with a message at the end of your order. If you indicate this, we will retransfer the value of the products that were undeliverable to your bank account.

If you ordered a product yourself, but it was not the product you wanted to order then it is only possible to be reimbursed if we receive the products undamaged. The shipping costs for the return are at your own expense.

If you refuse any shipments from NORDIC EXPAT SHOP or if the delivery is not successful after the final delivery attempt to the specified address, you will be responsible for the original shipping charges, any duties, taxes, and/or customs charges incurred, and the cost of returning the package back to us. This amount will be deducted from your refund.

Any packages denied entry by a country's governmental institutions such as Customs, Health, Food & Drugs Agency's eg., will be not returned to NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. Packages denied entry for any reason, will be destroyed. It is the customer's own responsibility to enquire with your local customs or tax office about the possibilities and which product can be imported and which not, before ordering with NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. 

Packages that in the worst case scenario are not delivered at all, because they were lost or very badly damaged will be reimbursed completely for all affected products.