På grund af COVID-19 er det muligt, at vi ikke kan levere nogle af vores produkter eller de mængder, som du bestilte.

Knorr Brown Sauce

37,44 kr 29,95 kr

Description: Knorr Brown Sauce is a Danish sauce classic that fits nicely to most types of meat. It is also very easy to make Knorr Brown Sauce your own. Add for example. Rosemary, if you are serving lamb, or cranberries if there is wild on the menu.

Brand: Knorr
Type: Sauce
Info: 0,12 kg
Shipping Weight: 0,17 kg
Ingredients: Potato starch, palme fat, wheat flour, salt, sugar, aroma (contains wheat, barley), onion powder, tomato powder, yeast extract, hydrolysed vegetable proteins, maltodextrin, barley malt extract, rosemary powder, caramel syrup, spices (including garlic), fructose, soy sauce with soybeans, wheat), onion juice concentrate, thyme, lemon juice powder, sunflower oil. May contain traces of milk and eggs.
Nutritional pr. 100 gr
Energy 216 kj / 52 kcal
Fat 2,6 g

- there of saturated fat

1,8 g


- there of sugars

6,3 g

1,7 g

Fibers 0,5 g
Protein 0,9 g
Salt 1,3 g