På grund af COVID-19 er det muligt, at vi ikke kan levere nogle af vores produkter eller de mængder, som du bestilte.

Smirnoff Vodka

224,94 kr 179,95 kr

Description: Smirnoff Red Smirnoff Vodka Smirnoff Premium Vodka. Created by a unique process involving three distillations for purity and ten filtration stages to deliver exceptional softness.


Note that there may be restrictions for certain countries that make it impossible to introduce alcohol. We refer to the customer's own responsibility to investigate whether it can be imported before ordering. Ordering any kind of alcohol is for the customers own risk.

Brand: Smirnoff
Type: Vodka
Info: 0,7 L 
Alcohol-%: 37,5
Flavour: Vodka
Shipping Weight: 1,5 kg