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All My Mornings on Earth - Troels Kløvedal

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Description: In "All My Mornings on Earth," Troels Kløvedal writes about his life, his family, his childhood and youth, about beautiful women, of whom he had children with four, about them and grandchildren; about his work at theaters and other places in Copenhagen, in the years of the collective "Maos Lyst", about his friends and girlfriends, about Royal Court Balls and receiving the Order of Dannebro, books, and of course he writes about his ship Nordkaperen, his many travels aboard and about the many people who have been on board.

"All my mornings on earth" are written in the light of the life-threatening disease that hit Troels Kløvedal a couple of years ago. The book is a testimony of a living life, it shines with gratitude for the rich and diverse life he was awarded. Troels Kløvedal's open-minded autobiography does not contain a spark of bitterness or anger over sickness and weakness - instead, it is a loving homage to life, joy, women, travel, literature, the world's diversity and all his beautiful mornings on earth.

Type: Autobiography
Language: Danish
Shipping Weight: 1,4 kg