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Rye Bread

Craving for some Scandinavian rye bread? You can find all kind of different variations here and your favourite brands like Kohberg, Schulstad and Pågen. Some things you just want to bring back into your home wherever you are in the world. With NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you are only one step away, place your order today and we will take care of the rest.

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Taste of Denmark - Craving danish rye bread?

If you're abroad and craving some Danish rye bread, look no further than NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. We carry all your favorite brands like Kohberg, Schulstad and Pågen, so you can enjoy the taste of home no matter where you are in the world. Rye Bread is a staple of the Danish diet, and we're proud to offer it to our customers. Danes love their rye bread, and we know you will too! Rye bread is good with just about anything from cheese to leverpostej and makes a great addition to any meal.

Different types of bread

Schulstad's Rugbrød is a dark, hearty rye bread that is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Made with whole grains and rye flour, rye bread is a nutritious and filling option. Kohberg's rye bread is a bit lighter and has a delicate flavor that makes it perfect for snacking. Pågen's rye bread is a bit sweeter, making it a good choice for dessert or as a snack. No matter which brands you choose, you can't go wrong with Danish rye bread. Rye bread is made from many different types of flour, but rye flour is always the main ingredient. The rye flour gives the bread a distinctive flavor and texture that you won't find in any other type of bread. Danish rye bread is denser and heavier than other types of bread and has a crust that is often hard to bite through. But once you get past the crust, you'll find a soft, moist interior that is perfect for spreading with butter or your favorite toppings. Rye bread is made with rye flour, which is why it has a characteristic dense and moist texture. It is also usually darker in color than other types of bread. The flavor of rye bread can range from mild to sharp, depending on the recipe. Some rye breads are even flavored with caraway seeds, which give them a unique taste. Danish smørrebrød is a type of open-faced sandwich typically made with rye bread. The most common toppings are leverpostej, eggs, roast beef, spiced sausage or various fish. Eastern holidays it's common to eat smørrebrød with herring and with a little shot of snaps on the side.

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