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Danish Candy

Candy from Denmark

Do you still remember them, those good old Danish candy bags from Toms or Nørregade? And what about that delicious Danish licorice or Danish chocolate from Anthon Berg? That is only a small selection of what Danish candy and sweets we have to offer at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. Buy danish licorice online here.

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Danes and their sweet tooth

Danes and Scandinavians love candy! To shop Danish candy online has become more common in the recent years and Scandinavians are some of the biggest consumers of candy in the world. In average the Danes consumes 6,6 kg. candy and 5,7 kg. chocolate per year. If you add in cake, ice cream, desserts and snack bars it adds up to 35 kg. of sweets a year! Only the Swedes eat more candy, sweets and chocolate than the Danes. Danes loves all kinds of candy but licorice and chocolate are the favorites for most Danes. Which candy brand is your favorite Toms, Anthon Berg, Haribo, Carletti, Cloetta, Ga-Jol or other brands? At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you can easily buy Danish candy from Denmark online. We even offer a range of candy brands from the other Nordic countries such as Fazer, Cloetta, Marabou and many more. Whatever type of candy is your favorite you are sure to find a large selection of different candy brands and candy varieties from Denmark in our assortment. At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you can shop Danish candy online with quick worldwide delivery and get your Danish candy and sweets abroad.

Danish Favorites

Despite the brand Haribo originally is a German brand, some Haribo flavors are country or area specific. Haribo is one of the most commonly purchased candy brands in Denmark. Together with Haribo, Toms and Anthon Berg these are some of the bestselling brands in the Danish supermarkets. Chocolate is the clear favorite when you ask the Danes, which types they prefer the most - followed by licorice, wine gum and caramel. Do you miss your favorite Danish candy and you are not able to shop your favorite Danish candy in the local supermarket? With NORDIC EXPAT SHOPs online store you can easily shop Danish candy online. The best way to enjoy Danish candy and sweets abroad.

Our Danish Candy Assortment

What is the advantage of NORDIC EXPAT SHOP? Our assortment is very large with many varieties and is overflowing with mouthwatering candy and chocolates that are guaranteed to leave you feeling snacky and nostalgic. Everyone deserves to treat themselves occasionally with a snack. Shop Danish candy online through our assortment, which includes the most popular Danish candy brands from Denmark such as Toms, Anthon Berg, Haribo, Nørregade, Carletti, Evers, Cloetta, Ga-Jol, BonBon and many more. You may also find a large selection of different types of Danish licorice flavors such as salt licorice, sweet licorice, hard and soft licorice, chocolate covered licorice and many other various flavors. We also offer a wide range of wine gums, caramel, marshmallow, hard candy and chocolate. If there is a specific brand or type of Danish Candy, you are not able to find in our assortment – do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team and they will do their best to help you. It has never been easier to shop Danish candy online and to get it delivered worldwide. You never need to miss out on Danish candy and sweets abroad.

Shop Danish Candy Online

You might sit in a faraway country and feel a little bit nostalgic about the Danish Candy you fondly remember from your childhood. Your exotic candy in your new country might not fill the void of your favorite Danish Candy. Do not worry! At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you are able to shop Danish Candy online, easily through our online store, with quick worldwide delivery. Look through our large assortment and you can easily order your wanted Danish candy online. Even if you new to Danish candy and are just interested in trying out the flavors of Danish candy we can help you. Check out our Danish Candy category or use the search function to find your favorite Danish candy online. We have made it very easy to buy Danish candy online regardless of where in the world you are. We offer quick worldwide delivery. Our prices are fair and competitive. Feel free to checkout our assortment online; maybe all the Danish snacks and sweets we offer will tempt you. Buy Danish candy online today and we will take care of the rest. So enjoy Danish candy and sweets abroad.