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Condiments & Dressings

Here you will find all of your favourite condiments and seasonings to finish your dish like you used to do. If you should have any special requests, we are more than happy to help you locate your favourite products. Just send an e-mail to our customer service and we will do whatever we can to answer your question or to fulfil your request. 

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Shop your favorite Danish Condiment & Dressing

At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you will be able to find all of your favorite Danish dressing and condiment brands such as Graasten, Beauvais, K-Salat, Bähncke, Knorr and many more. You might be able to try out new exotic dressing and condiment in your new local supermarket abroad. But are you feeling a tiny bit homesick and craving for real Danish remoulade, mustard, hotdog ketchup, ketchup, mayonnaise, French Dog dressing or even Dill dressing. We also offer a selection of dressing and condiment, which are low fat, sugar free, organic, vegetarian and with no added sugar. You can shop Danish dressing and condiment at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. We deliver worldwide directly to your doorstep so you will be able to enjoy Danish dressing and condiment once again, no matter where you are in the world.

The Most Typical Danish Dressings & Condiments

There is no doubt that the Danes love their condiments and dressings but one sauce stands out – Remoulade! Remoulade is a Danish all time favorite for both the young and old. Remoulade sauce is used as a condiment for almost anything such as, open sandwiches, hotdogs, fried fish, fries and even as a dip. Another Danish favorite is French Dog dressing, which complements your hotdog absolutely perfect. It is a must try when making Danish hotdogs.

Almost all you need for Danish Hotdogs and a Danish BBQ

Despite the fact that we in Denmark do not have a tropical or exotic environment with plenty of hot summer nights, the Danes are world-class grillers. However, barbecuing isn't just for the summer it can be done all year. Grilling is beneficial all year, and if you assume that barbecue foods exclusively consist of fried sausages with accompanying potato salad, you are mistaken. Delicious barbecue food is much more than that. At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you can shop almost everything you need to make the perfect Danish hotdog. Shop the Danish condiments and dressings that you remember from when you were young and going to the hotdog stand or barbequing with the family on a hot summer night. For most barbecue enthusiasts, the meat is a big part of the experience. But without the right accessories, it can get a little boring. Conversely, delicious barbecue accessories can be just what add the finishing touch. At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP, we suggest accessories for barbecue in the form of the fantastic Danish dips, sauces, and condiments and there is a sea of varieties. We also offer a selection of the typical Danish BBQ bread for any Danish BBQ dinner such as Hotdog bread, burger buns, French Dog hotdog bread, sausage bread and many more.

Easy online shopping

With a large selection of popular condiment brands from Denmark such as Bähncke, K-Salat, Graasten, Beauvais, Knorr, Svansø and many more, we have made it simple for you to shop for your favorite Danish cuisine online. Simply browse our categories to find what you are looking for. Add the items you wish to the cart. Go to the checkout page and fill out your information. We will take care of the rest whilst you can sit back and relax. We have made it simple for you to order Danish condiments & dressings online and have it delivered to your home anywhere in the world. It has never been easier to get Danish condiments & dressings delivered to you from afar. Are you interested in learning more about our services? Please use our contact form to contact our customer support. Do you have any specific brand preferences? Or a specific product customer service will do their best to help you.