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We have a large selection of beverages from all over Scandinavia. Bring back that nostalgia into your home and surprise your expat friends. You don’t have to worry about the delivery of your products. We ship in a safe and professional manner and we always strive for the lowest shipping rates. We deliver directly to your doorstep and online shopping is as easy as one-two-three.

Note that there may be restrictions for certain countries that make it impossible to introduce alcohol. We refer to the customer's own responsibility to investigate whether it can be imported before ordering. Ordering any kind of alcohol is for the customers own risk. If you have any questions feel free to contact us by using our contact form.

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Shop Danish Beverages Online

Even though you are most likely enjoying the selection of new and interesting beverages in your new foreign supermarket. Some of your favorite Danish beverages can be a little bit too hard to miss out on. We at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP offer a large selection of all your favorite Danish beverages and even beverages from other Nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland. Shop your favorite beverages such as soft drinks, chocolate milk, juice, squash, tea, coffee and many more. We also offer a large selection of popular alcoholic beverages such as Danish beer, Danish and Swedish aquavit and Danish and Swedish schnapps. Everything you need to celebrate your traditional holiday celebrations. Shop Danish beverages online, everything you need for your Christmas party or Easter dinner. Shop as your favorite beer, aquavit and schnapps brands such as Brøndum, Gammel Dansk, O.P. Andersen, Linie Aquavit, Aalborg Taffel, Nordsø Bitter and many more. With NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you can enjoy favorite Danish beverages anywhere in the world. We offer easy shopping with quick worldwide delivery – straight to your doorstep. So order today and sit back and relax, we will handle the rest. Shopping Danish beverages with worldwide delivery has never been easier.

You Favorite Danish Beverage Brands

You might be able to find great tasting and exotic beverages wherever you might be in the world. However, at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP we have a large selection of your favorite Danish brands and Swedish brands such as Rynkeby, Cocio, Herrljunga, Matilde, Rämlosa, Tuborg Squash, Jolly Cola, Harboe, Faxe Kondi, Blue Keld and many more. You can even find your favorite Danish beers such as Tuborg Classic, Ceres, Royal, Carlsberg 47, Tuborg Guld, Carlsberg Elephant and many more. Shop through our large selection of Danish beverages and Nordic beverages easily using the search function or look through our categories to find you favorite products. We are regularly adding new Danish and Nordic products to our selection. If you cannot find a specific brand or flavor online, feel free to reach out to our customer service. They will do their best to help you.

Surprise your family, friend or co-worker

Feeling a little nostalgic? Look through our selection of Danish and Swedish beverages brands and be inspired. You may not be the only one missing your favorite Danish or Nordic beverages. So why not surprise your family, friends or even your co-workers with some beverages from your native country? Perfect as gift for Christmas, a birthday present or to share with a co-worker after work. Shop your gift box of Danish beverages or Swedish beverages online. Even add in other favorites such as licorice, rye bread, remoulade and many more to complete your perfect gift box. We offer easy online shopping, quick worldwide delivery and fair prices. Let us handle the hassle of packing and dealing with customs. You can sit back and relax. You only need to worry about, how much you are willing to share, of all your goodies from back home.

Nordic Theme party

Need to celebrate a Danish birthday, or to cheer on the national teams dressed all in red and white with a klap-hat or even throw Danish themed party? NORDIC EXPAT SHOP is here to help! Decorate your celebration parties with Danish themed napkins, plates, cups, candles, streamers, hats and many more items. We at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP also offer, a selection of Swedish theme products, such as flags, garlands, capes and many more. Serve up your favorite Danish beverages, Danish food, Danish Snacks and Danish candy. All of your friends and family will be happily surprised and full of nostalgia. You will be throwing the Danish theme party of the year!