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Looking for Danish cookies or Swedish cakes? You can find them all at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. Order now and your order will be on your doorstep before you know it, wherever you are in the world.

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Cakes and Cookies from Denmark

When you think about Danish cake or cookies there is probably a few different brands that comes to attention and maybe even a specific type of cakes or cookies. Perhaps the famous Danish brands Karen Volf or Dan Cake comes to mind. Or maybe you like Easis or Bisca more. If you do not want to miss out on your favorite cakes and cookies you are sure to find your favorite Danish cake and cookie brands at our online shop. At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you can easily buy Danish cakes and cookies online. We offer quick worldwide delivery so you can enjoy your favorite cakes and cookies wherever you may live in the world!

Popular Danish Cakes and Cookies

Some of the most well liked cakes and cookies in Denmark are Romkugler, Snøfler, Roulade, Franske Vafler (French Waffles), Citron Måne (Lemon Moon Cake) Chokoflager and many more. The Danes loves their cakes and cookies, therefore we offer a large assortment of different cakes and cookies from Denmark. We also offer a few cake and cookie brands from other Scandinavian countries, such as Wasa, Pågen and Marabou. The most sold cakes in Denmark are the banana cake, it may not be of Danish origin but it has a lovely moist and sweet taste that the Danes love. It is also a cake that is very easy to bake at home, a few old bananas and one is almost halfway. The second most sold cake in Denmark comes as no surprise, the chocolate cake. Chocolate cakes has numerous variations and is quite often even without chocolate but with cocoa powder. The third most sold cake may come as a surprise – Carrot Cake. Vegetables in a cake? That cannot be right. It actually works very well, rumors has it may have been invented in Texas during the last century to make a healthier cake. With a carrot cake you get a moist, puffy and tasty cake that everyone falls in love with after just one bite. Buy Danish cakes and cookies online at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP from Denmark. Browse through our assortment and find your favorite brands, type, flavor and choose your preferred cakes and cookies.

Buy Danish Cakes and Cookies online

If you are looking for an online store to buy your favorite Danish cakes and cookies or just have an interest in cakes and cookies from Denmark – you have come to the right place! Look no further! At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP we offer a large assortment of Danish cakes and cookies. You can find your favorite brands such Karen Volf, Dan Cake, Easis and Bisca. You will furthermore find a range of Scandinavian brands such as Marabou, Wasa and Pågen. At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you will also be able find a selection of products that are gluten-free, wholegrain or with no added sugar. You can buy Danish cakes and cookies at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP and we will be happy to ship them all over the world, so anyone may enjoy some Danish cakes and cookies from. Do you have relatives or friends living abroad and want to surprise them with a birthday gift full of Danish birthday necessities? We offer everything you would need to celebrate a perfect Danish birthday abroad; Danish Flags, Cups, plates, candles, streamers, napkins and many more items all with Danish flags on the products. Shop Danish cakes and cookies online now, at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP and be able to enjoy your treats from your home country. We offer quick worldwide shipping directly to your doorstep.

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Do you feel nostalgic and have a craving for some Danish or Scandinavian products like Danish cake and cookies? At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you can find all the quality brands from Denmark and shop Danish cakes and cookies online and many more products very easily through our website. We offer quick worldwide delivery. This way you will never have to miss out on your favorite products from Denmark.