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Dan Cake Dream Cake

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Description: A classic Dream Cake from Dan Cake is a wonderful cutting cake with a juicy and spongy texture. The cake is topped with caramelized coconut topping, which gives a crunchy counterpoint to the soft cake, which has a vanilla taste. Tastes like a dream. Perfect as a dessert or with a cup of coffee or tea. 

Brand: Dan Cake
Type: Cake
Info: 0,35 kg 
EAN: 5709152018462
Shipping Weight: 0,37 kg
Ingredients: sugar, WHEAT FLOUR, vegetable oil (rapeseed, coconut), EGGS, 9% coconut flour, humectant: glycerol glucose-fructose syrup, starch (contains WHEAT), coconut fat, modified starch, fully hardened vegetable oil (rapeseed, coconut), FOAM dark syrup, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sodium stearoyl lactylate, polyglycerol esters of fatty acid leavening agents: sodium carbonates, diphosphate acidity regulators: sodium acetates, citric acid salt, natural flavor, preservative: potassium sorbent antacate thickener: This product may contain traces of hazelnut, almond and soy.
Nutritional pr. 100 gr
Energy 2031 kj / 486 kcal
Fat 27 g

- there of saturated fat

12 g


- there of sugars

57 g

34 g

Fibers 0 g
Protein 4,5 g
Salt 0,93 g