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Craving for some Scandinavian rye bread or crackers? You can find different variations here. Some things you just want to bring back into your home wherever you are in the world. With NORDIC EXPAT SHOP you are only one step away, place your order and we will take care of the rest. 

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Bread from Denmark

Bread has a very long history even more than 14.000 years! In 2013 14.000 years old breadcrumbs was found in the northeastern part of Jordan. Ever since bread became a staple food source in the Nordic countries, bread has become one of the most popular food items in most Danish families. Imagine you are craving for Scandinavian or Danish bread but you just can’t find any good bread in your local supermarket in that foreign new country you are living in. You do not need to worry! For any bread lover, we got you covered our bread assortment is packed with delicious baked goods that are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even as snacks. There is everything from white bread, whole grain, gluten-free, rye bread crisp bread, organic to food bread and many more types of bread. No matter what variety of bread you are looking for, you are sure to find it right here at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. Buy Danish bread online with worldwide delivery directly to your doorstep. Order anytime and anywhere online from NORDIC EXPAT SHOP and never miss out on a Danish birthday cake, rye bread, hotdog bread, crisp bread or even tartlets.

The Danes favorite bread

The people of Denmark and Scandinavia love bread. According to a research done by the Swedish bread manufacturer Pågan in 2014 98% of all Danish homes had bread. Especially rye breads that is the favorite Danish bread of the Danes. Despite rye bread not originating from Denmark as many Danes believes, they see rye bread as one of the foundations of being Danish. Rye bread actually originates from the Middle East in the areas of what is today Turkey and Syria. Rye bread has become synonymous with Denmark. Even after a minor holiday most Danes will start to have cravings for rye bread. Have a look through our assortment find your favorite items and buy Danish bread online easy with our online supermarket. Rye bread is also the base component for the famous Danish dish “Open faced sandwiches” or in Danish “Smørebrød”, which in the later years has had a renaissance with the “New Nordic” kitchen and therefore also become more popular outside of the Danish borders. Rye bread is eaten at anytime of the day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rye bread is even eaten as rye snacks, which comes with different flavors such as chili, tomato, sour cream, onion, salt and many more. So do you have a Danish bread hunger or feeling a little nostalgic, we at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP can help you. Buy Danish bread online, which you are not able to find in your new country’s supermarket. To Buy Danish bread online is very easy through our online web shop.

Danish breakfast & lunch

Breakfast is considered to be one of the most important meals, if not the most important meal in Denmark. People of all ages eat Danish bread for breakfast - up to 56% of Danish people eat bread for breakfast, which is even higher when comes to lunch – 64% of all Danes eats bread for lunch. So it no surprise that the Danes loves bread. Danish Rye bread is a very popular staple food e.g. in the lunchbox at work, in school or just as a quick lunch at home. So it is no surprise we offer a large selection of bread in our online shop. Have a look through our assortment and buy Danish bread online easily with NORDIC EXPAT SHOP webshop.

Buy Danish Bread online

Danish bread products can be hard to find in other countries, therefore we offer a large assortment of Danish bread in many different varieties. We have made it very easy to order online, simply add your favorite Danish bread to your shopping cart and order – we will handle the rest and they will be delivered straight to your doorstep. Buy Danish bread online with NORDIC EXPAT SHOP with quick worldwide delivery.