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Wasa Sport

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Description: The swedish classic crispbread or as the Swedish say "knäckebröd" goes very well with cheese, cold slices and as a snack or lunch. 

Discover Wasa Sport, a  really coarse crispbread. Want to hear the secret? It is baked exclusively with whole grain rye flour. So if you want crispy and rustic crisp bread with lots of dietary fiber and flavour - then this is the crisp bread for you.

Type: Crispbread
Info: 0,275 kg
Shipping Weight: 0,5 kg (Volumetric Weight)
Ingredients: Whole grain rye flour, salt, yeast. 
Nutritional pr. 100 gr:
Energy 1400 kj / 300 kcal
Fat 1,5 g

- there of saturated fat

0,4 g


- there of sugars

59 g

1,5 g

Fibers 20 g
Protein 9 g
Salt 1,25 g