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Shipping Info

Shipping Info
At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP, we take pride in providing efficient shipping services to over 185 countries worldwide. All orders are promptly shipped within 3 full working days*, ensuring a quick and convenient shopping experience. With a focus on quality, we utilize superior packaging materials and our expertise to safeguard your order and ensure it reaches its destination without any damage. For orders shipped outside the EU territory, we diligently include all necessary accompanying documents for a hassle-free delivery process.

*In Denmark weekends and holidays are classified as non-working days. Working days will also be mentioned throughout our site as Business days.

Shipping Costs
The shipping costs will depend on the total weight/volumetric weight of a package, the country of destination and the chosen shipping method. Please notice that products have a netto weight and shipping weight, which are different - we do our best to make this very clear with showing the shipping weight at our product pages.

Shipping Weight
The maximum weight of package is 30 kg. If you order more than 30 kg., an additional package will be added to your shipment. If you have extra space available in your package, we advise you to combine your order with those of other people living nearby. The weight of the package will be calculated automatically when adding to cart and the shipping cost is calculated automatically accordingly. You can conveniently track the weight of your order by utilizing the "Optimize Shipping" bar located in the top right corner of the site. Be advised that NORDIC EXPAT SHOP retain the possibility to divide an order into more packages should it be an advantage for the shipment without any extra cost for the customer. 

Order Processing & Dispatch
As soon as the payment has been confirmed by NORDIC EXPAT SHOP, your order will be processed. Before a package is shipped, you must take into account a maximum of three (3) business days processing time per order. This is because we pride ourselves in taking exceptional care of your products by using high quality and extremely durable packaging materials. That way, you do not have to worry about your products getting damaged before they reach you. We strive to have your order ready for shipment and delivered to Postnord (DPD), FedEx or DHL within three (3) business days. If, due to outside circumstances, we are unable to ship your package within three (3) business days, we will contact you by email. 

Shipping Methods and Shipping Timings
We offer shipping methods with DHL, FedEx and PostNord. The delivery timings will vary from country to country. Estimated shippings timings shown, are business days. This means the shipping estimates does not include local holidays or weekend days. Shipping timings are shown in general below and specified by country in the checkout process.

The indicated delivery timings does not include the three (3) business days processing time needed to effectively dispatch your order through PostNord (DPD), FedEx or DHL. The delivery timings is merely an indication, not a guarantee. It is possible that a package is unexpectedly delayed by, for example, PostNord (DPD), FedEx & DHL or other postal services and Customs. NORDIC EXPAT SHOP does not have any influence or control over these circumstances.

In instances where shipping durations are specified, such as "Greece 1-5 days," it is essential to recognize that shipping time may be extended in more distant regions of Greece compared to larger cities such as Athens. Accordingly, the anticipated shipping timings for Athens would range between 1 to 2 days, whereas islands like Kos might require 4 to 5 days for delivery. Please exercise caution and be aware that shipping durations will inevitably increase as the shipping destination becomes more remote.

Notice some countries (e.g. UAE) packages are delivered to a pick up hub and customers need to pick up the packages themselves. 

DHL Express
DHL Express is a global shipping service that offers fast and efficient delivery of packages worldwide with excellent tracking and customer support. International expertise with extraordinary speeds and high quality service.

Estimated delivery timings:

  • Europe: 1-4 business day (excluding the date of dispatch)
  • North America: 2-7 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)
  • Rest of the world: 3-10 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)

FedEx International Priority
FedEx International Priority is a fast and reliable shipping service that delivers packages worldwide with speed and priority.

Estimated delivery timings:

  • Europe: 2-4 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)
  • North America: 3-7 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)
  • Rest of the world: 4-10 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)

FedEx Connect Plus
FedEx Connect Plus is a service that balances speed and cost.

Estimated delivery timings:

  • Europe: 2-6 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)
  • North America: 6-12 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)
  • Rest of the world: 6-12 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)

Regular postal service owned by the Swedish and Danish Government. Specialized in the Nordic Countries but also offer worldwide delivery services through global business partners. PostNord co-operates with local postal services.

Estimated delivery timings:

  • Europe: 2-10 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)
  • North America: 6-16 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)
  • Rest of the world: 6-18 business days (excluding the date of dispatch)

Track & Trace
All packages sent out can be tracked with Track & Trace. With Track & trace it is possible to check the shipping status of your package at any moment and from anywhere in the world. Every package is shipped with a Track & Trace number, allowing you to precisely follow where the package is at any given moment and where it will be shipped to next. We will send you your tracking number via e-mail as soon as we ship the package. By utilizing this tracking number, you can easily access the Track & Trace feature and stay informed about your package's journey. We utilize your email and phone number for Track & Trace, ensuring you can always stay connected with your package's whereabouts.

Customs Duties, Fees, Taxes
Upon the package's arrival in the destination country (outside the EU), there exists the potential for the imposition of value-added tax (VAT) and/or import taxes. Should you choose to purchase Products from our website with the intention of having them delivered to a destination outside the European Union, it is important to acknowledge that these items may be subject to import duties and taxes. These charges are imposed upon the arrival of the delivery at the specified destination, and it is your responsibility to settle any such import duties and taxes that may apply. Any consequential expenses incurred shall be borne by the Customer. Regrettably, NORDIC EXPAT SHOP does not possess any authority or capability to exert influence over customs charges and we are unable to anticipate their exact amount.

Import Regulations and Restrictions to different countries
Import regulations vary among countries and undergo continuous revisions. It is imperative that you take personal accountability by contacting your local customs or tax office to ascertain the permissible importation of specific products prior to placing an order with NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the recipient to provide the necessary documentation if requested by the recipient during a customs inspection. Please note that the shipping time does not encompass any duration during which a package might be held in customs. Consequently, we cannot assume responsibility for orders that are confiscated, detained, or incur additional customs duties.

Delivering Chocolate to hot countries
We extend a warm welcome to customers residing in hotter climates who wish to order chocolate and confectionery. However, it is important to acknowledge that engaging in such orders carries inherent risks. To ensure the preservation of chocolate during transportation to warmer regions, we have conducted extensive testing on various packaging methods. Unfortunately, our findings have revealed that the utilization of ice packs has detrimental effects on the chocolate, resulting in the formation of a white layer and generating condensation that may potentially harm other items within the package. We remain committed to finding a solution that enables all our valued customers to relish our delectable chocolate and confectionery products. Nonetheless, it is vital to note that we presently do not offer refunds for chocolate items that have melted as a consequence of heatwaves or high temperatures.

Frequently Asked Question
Further information can be found at our FAQ info page with this link: FAQ or feel free to contact us through our contact page.