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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the expected delivery time of my package?
Before purchase: 
You can find the expected delivery time in checkout when you fill in the shipping address. It is mentioned at Shipping Methods.

After purchase: 
Once your package is packed and on it's way, you can follow it with Track & Trace. 

Where can I find my Track & Trace number?
As soon as your order has been processed and packed you will receive an e-mail with your Track & Trace number. 

Why did I not get any response to my e-mail? 
We ask for your patience. We will get back to you as soon as possible and all inquiries will be answered. Please wait for a reply before re-writing. Our system prioritises oldest e-mails. If you send a new e-mail without having received an answer, you automatically move your e-mail at the bottom of the queue. 

About Shipments:
It may take a little longer for us to return to you if there are others to be contacted (eg. the shipping company if we need any clarification). We cannot answer until we hear back from the shipping company. You will therefore experience longer response times.

When will my package be sent?
As soon as your payment has been confirmed by NORDIC EXPAT SHOP, your order will be processed. Before a package is shipped, you must take into account a maximum of three (3) business days processing time per order. This is because we pride ourselves in taking exceptional care of your products by using high quality and extremely durable packaging materials. That way, you do not have to worry about your products getting damaged before they reach you. We strive to have your order ready for shipment and delivered to Postnord (DPD), FedEx or DHL within three (3) business days. If, due to outside circumstances, we are unable to ship your package within three (3) business days, we will contact you by email.

It is not possible to ship on holidays & Weekends. Get an overview of holidays & miscellaneous celebrations for 2022.

For more information about our shipping policies please read our Shipping Information

Why do I not see any information when I search my package in Track & Trace?
Sometimes it can occur that you don't see any tracking info when you are trying to track your package. Please give it some time and try again later, because in most cases shipping companies did not update the information yet in their system. If you still can't track your package after 12 hours of receiving our Track & Trace e-mail, please contact us. 

My package has been sent but has not arrived! What to do?
If the stated delivery time is exceeded, then it may be time to start a search for your package. However there may be a delay with the shipping company or with customs. In such a case, extra delivery time may be added. 

1) Find out where your package is by using Track & Trace. All orders with NORDIC EXPAT SHOP have a tracking number.

2) If your package is no where to be found with provided tracking number please contact our customer service. It is very important that you contact us within 4-7 days after the stated delivery time. If it goes too long the search can be denied by the shipping company. The law also stipulates that attention must be paid to errors and deficiencies in considerable time by all parties.

I have ordered but typed in the wrong address, what to do?
The package has not been shipped yet:
Contact customer service as soon as possible.

The package has already been shipped:
If the package is sent with an address error, it will often come back to us. This can unfortunately take up to 14 days. It could be that the shipping company tries to contact you by phone or e-mail once they discover the address error. If not and we receive your package back at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP, we will contact you again. 

Why did I not receive any updates on my order?
If you did not receive an order confirmation, a track & trace number or an invoice, please check your spam filter. If you're still not able to find our updates, it could be that your email setup has blocked our emails, please contact us via our contact form here

My items have been badly damaged/broken and are not useable, what to do?
If you receive a package that has visible signs of damage, it is important that you receive the package with reservations and object to the condition of the package. You can open the package while the shipping company's staff is present, to make them aware of the situation. If the content has been damaged, a compensation case must be made with the shipping company in question (typically PostNord, DHL or FedEx). The shipping company's staff can help you start the compensation case by giving you instructions what to do.

If the damage is not visible at acceptance of the package, you can still make a compensation case. However, make sure you contact the shipping company as soon as possible, as after a few days they will no longer refund. For PostNord, this period is 7 days, but check with the current shipping company to get the applicable rules. In any case, it is clearly advantageous to start the compensation case immediately the damage is discovered. They need prove to make a compensation case, so take photo's of the package (inside and outside) and take photo's of the damaged products. The more the better to proof your case. We will help you to make a compensation case, so write us asap.

How do I know the expiry date of a product?
We always try to get products with the furthest away date as possible. As every product has their own shelf-life, it is hard to come with specific numbers. To give you some guidelines see below information:

  • Sunscreen: The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires all sunscreens to be marked with an expiration date, unless the product has been proven to last at least three years. So unless your sunscreen bottle is stamped with a specific expiration date, you can assume it's good for three years past its purchase date.
  • Fresh bread and rye bread have an expiry date around 3-10 days when shipped.
  • Tins and cans have usually a long shelf-life, circa from 6 months up to several years.
  • Candy in bags will last approximately 12 months.
  • Dairy products have a shelf-life from several days up to several months.
  • Coffee and tea can last for months and even years.
  • Milk formula has a best before date from circa 6 months up til 2 years.
  • Remoulade has an expiry date of 30 days to 3 months. 

Please note the difference between Best Before date and Use By/Expiry date: Foods with a longer shelf life or those unlikely to be a health risk are labelled with a Best Before date. Perishable foods which are likely to be a health risk after a short time are labelled with a Use By/Expiry date.

Tip: Freeze products like bread and cake so you can keep them longer.

If you would like to know a specific best before date, please contact us and we will try our best to find it out for you.

Delivering Choclate to hot countries
Customers in hot climes are welcome to order chocolate and confectionary, but please be aware that doing so is at your own risk.

We have tested different packaging methods to keep chocolate from melting during transportation to warmer regions but we have discovered that using ice packs destroys the chocolate and generates a white layer. It also produces condensation, which may harm other contents in the package. We will continue to work on a solution since we want all of our customers to be able to enjoy our delicious chocolate and confectionery but we do not currently issue refunds for chocolate items that have melted due to a heatwave or hot temperature.

European dates vs American dates
Be aware that we are based in Denmark, so all the expiry dates on our products are written in European style. 
In Europe the date is written like this: DD/MM/YY (f.x. 12/09/20, 12th of september 2020).
In America the date is written like this: MM/DD/YY (f.x. 09/12/20, 12th of september 2020). 

How does it work with VAT (Value Added Tax)?
We show our product prices included and excluded VAT troughout the whole website. It depends on the shipping country, if you have to pay VAT or not. Countries who are members of the European Union are subjected to VAT, all countries outside the European Union are not subjected to VAT. 

Checkout page: Once shipping address is filled in and shipping method is chosen, the system calculates automatically if your order is subjected to VAT or not. 

Customs duties on orders
Before placing an order, we strongly recommend that you contact your local customs department. This is just to ensure that you are informed of any customs duties, prohibited goods or order limits. Because customs costs vary from country to country, and we do not calculate these, it is always a good idea to double check before placing an order, to avoid unforeseen delays or fees. Please note that time spend in customs are not included in our delivery estimates. If you reject any customs fees/charges, and your order is held in customs, we may not be able to provide a refund due to the cost of having the goods returned to us. Thank you for your understanding.

Why are the prices more expensive than in Scandinavian supermarkets?
We are not always able to compete with other Scandinavian companies and large supermarket chains because we are primarily an export company that sells Danish & Scandinavian products internationally. This is partly due to a lack of purchasing power on our part, but it is also owing to the costs of exporting our items internationally.

Because we use a weight based courier services for our deliveries, our delivery costs are a bit higher than those of regular clothing webshop. Likewise does all our packages require extra thorough and careful packing with heavy-duty packing material to survive the transportation to every corner of the world - similarly every package requires specialized customs handling. Please rest assured that we have carefully considered our pricing strategy to guarantee that our customers receive a service that is as reasonable as possible.

How to use iDeal Payment?
You can only use iDeal payment if you set the currency to Euro while shopping (top right corner on our website). That is because iDeal is a payment method only made for transactions in Euro's.