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Anthon Berg

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Who is Anthon Berg and what did he do?

Anthon Berg is a famous Danish chocolatier who started his business in making chocolate in Copenhagen and later became famous all over the world. It all started to take off for him in the 18th century (1884) when he decided to focus on making marzipan. His talent quick became well known by the upper and middle class in Copenhagen and from then on he got a successively business in making Anthon Berg chocolate and Anthon Berg marzipan. When his son Gustav took over the business he started to focus more on worldwide marketing and because of that they became well known than ever!

Funny fact: Anthon Berg was a greengrocer before he decided to start making his delicious chocolates and marzipan.

You can never be too generous

That is the slogan of Anthon Berg. And that became his slogan because he felt for those customers who were standing and waiting in line in front of his store. His company took off so well that the customers were lined up almost every day and that made him decide one day to always give the waiting customers a little treat when standing in line. That generosity was very appreciated and made the customers come back again and again. In 2012 Anthon Berg opened world’s first store where you can only pay with generosity. You can go there and get chocolate and marzipan for free by promising a generous deed on your own Facebook. Buy chocolate with good deeds.

What are the most famous Anthon Berg delicacies?

One of the most well known products is the marzipan bar and they come in many different flavors: nougat, whiskey, cognac, extra dark and coffee. Once in a while a new flavor is added to the Anthon Berg family. There are different boxes filled with Anthon Berg chocolate that are super famous around Christmas time. Let’s start with the all time favorite Anthon Berg mini marzipan. This box is well known by its bright pink color and has, like the name already says, mini marzipan pieces. Then there is the gold box filled with a selection of all different delicacies, which makes it perfect to share or to give away as a present. One of our bestsellers at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP is Peach in Madeira aka “Blomme I Madeira”. This box is filled with round delicacies that taste like dark chocolate, peach and marzipan combined. This treat was back in the days often served in charter flights in the 1970’s and 1980’s. We also offer them in different flavors: Blueberries in Vodka aka “Blåbær I Vodka” & Strawberry in Wine aka ”Jordbær I Mousserende Vin”. Then there are also some bags that are popular to share at a birthday party or next to a nice cup of coffee. They are called sweet moments. Those bags are filled with a mix of little chocolates and marzipan. Those bags come in different flavors as well like, sweet moments chocolate & marzipan, sweet moments chocolate, marzipan & fruit and Sweet moments chocolate & nougat. If you are a diehard fan of Anthon Berg you have to try the cream liqueur. This bottle full of flavor is perfect as a dessert drink or to celebrate a special occasion with.

Christmas with NORDIC EXPAT SHOP

Every year for Easter and Christmas Anthon Berg has limited products that cannot be missed out on. Get all your favorite Scandinavian Easter and Christmas products in time at NORDIC EXPAT SHOP. If there is anything that you would like us to add to our assortment, please let us know.

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