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Easis Dark Chocolate Plates

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Description: Easis dark chocolate plates are thick slices of dark chocolate with an intense taste. The chocolate plates are without added sugar, but contains sweeteners and a natural content of sugar. The chocolate has a cocoa solids content of 60%. Enjoy Easis Dark chocolate plates on a slice of bread or use it as a garnish on a freshly baked banana cake.

Brand: Easis
Type: Chocolate, Sugar-free
Info: 0,112 kg
Flavour: Dark Chocolate
EAN: 5703161201372
Shipping Weight: 0,2 kg 
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, dietary fiber (dextrin, oligofructose, inulin), cocoa butter, sweetener (erythritol 8.8%), low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier (SOJAlecithin), natural vanilla aroma, sweetener (steviol glycosides). May contain traces of milk.
Nutritional pr. 100 gr:
Energy 1914 kj /457 kcal
Fat 38 g

- there of saturated fat

23 g


- there of sugars

17 g

2,4 g

Fibers 33 g
Protein 6,1 g
Salt 0,01 g