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Katjes Eventyrland Sour

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Description: Katjes eventyrland sour wine gums without animal gelatin. Eventyrland Sour from Katjes is a wonderful bag of sweets with sour wine gums with flavors of black currant, peach, raspberry, lime and orange. The adventurous candy bag is a sure hit when choosing sweets for the weekend that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The product is also suitable for vegetarians, as they are made without the use of animal gelatin and also contain only natural colors and natural aromas.

Brand: Katjes
Type: Candy
Info: 0,08 kg
Shipping Weight: 0,1 kg 
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, modified starch, glucose-fructose syrup, acids (malic acid, citric acid, lactic acid), fruit and plant concentrates (safflowers, apple, red grape, black currant, lemon, black carrot, red cabbage, radish), spirulina concentrate, acidity regulator (calcium carbonate), natural flavours, natural lime aroma, fully hardened sunflower oil. 
Nutritional pr. 100 gr
Energy 1405 kj / 330 kcal
Fat 0,1 g

- there of saturated fat

0,1 g


- there of sugars

80 g

57 g

Fibers 0
Protein 0,5 g
Salt 0,04 g