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Lykkeberg Marinated Herring Organic

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Description: Marinated herring in organic pickle Lykkeberg herring are large beautiful fillets, which are stored with salt that has a round and mild taste.

Lykkeberg is made from old, unique recipes. It is old-fashioned herring that, upon landing, becomes head and tail cut, after which they are layered in barrels with salt and spices. The herring is stored in the barrels between 6 and 12 months, where the herring matures in its own enzymes and takes flavours from salt and spices. This traditional method of maturation gives the herring a fantastic taste. After ripening, the herring is cleaned, filtered and trimmed, after which the herring is hand-packed in glass and packed in various layers.

Net weight: 370 g / Drain weight: 160 g.


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Brand: Lykkeberg
Type: Marinated, MSC Labelled, 
Info: 0,37 kg 
Shipping Weight: 0,55 kg
Ingredients: 36% herring matured in organic vinegar layer (92% herring, salt organic vinegar), organic sugar, water, organic onions, organic vinegar, acidity regulators (malic acid, citric acid), organic clove powder, organic all-purpose powder.
Nutritional pr. 100 gr
Energy 1182 kj / 282 kcal
Fat 12 g

- there of saturated fat

3,2 g


- there of sugars

33 g

29 g

Fibers 0 g
Protein 11 g
Salt 2,3 g