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Our Commitments

Vision & Mission

When NORDIC EXPAT SHOP was founded our vision was to create a high quality service that would be able to provide all Danish and Scandinavian Expats and those who are interested in Scandinavian products an easy solution to be able to shop their favorite Scandinavian and Danish products as easy as possible online with quick worldwide delivery.

At NORDIC EXPAT SHOP it is our mission to make it easier for every Scandinavian and Danish Expat and anyone who loves Scandinavian and Danish products, to have access to the high quality Scandinavian and Danish products, you miss and love - wherever you may be in the world! We strive to provide our service in the most effective and sustainable method.


We fully understand the impact a business such as ours can have on the environment, we are therefore constantly working on how to innovate, learn and optimize on how we can reduce this impact. We care about the environment and working on making our business model as sustainable as possible. To mention a few actions we already have taken to minimize our footprint on the environment;

  • We offer DHL Express GoGreen, which is a climate friendly shipping solution
  • Our packaging materiel is FSC Certified
  • We use recycled materials
  • Our waste management is sorted efficiently according to Danish/EU Standards
  • Food waste, no food that is safe for human consumption is thrown away. It is either donated or given away