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Princip Curry Herring Large Bites

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Description: Princip Curry Marinated Herring a great flavour for any Scandinavien lunch. A Scandinavian classic since the times of the Vikings. Up there in the top of must try Scandinavian foods. It is a classic for Christmas dinners parties (Julefrokost), Summer parties, easter and family get togethers. Great served on another great classic rye bread with butter, dill or chives and a Schnapps on the side to sip.


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Brand: Princip
Type: Fish, Curry
Info: 0,72 kg
Shipping weight: 1,5 kg
Ingredients: 50% HERRING in chunks, 50% curry dressing (canola oil, water onion, pickled cucumbers (cucumbers, vinegar, salt, sugar), sugar, pasta. EGGS, curry, thickening agents (E412, E401, E415, E410), modified potato starch, pig gelatin , dextrose, curry extract (spice extracts, antioxidant (E330), preservative (E211), estragon vinegar (vinegar, tarragon), salt, turmeric, preservative (E202), acidity regulator (E296), spice extract).
Nutritional pr. 100 gr
Energy 1336 kj / 322 kcal
Fat 27 g

- there of saturated fat

2,8 g


- there of sugars

15 g

15 g

Fibers 0 g
Protein 6,2 g
Salt 2 g