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Rynkeby Black Currant Syrup

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Description: Some of the best things about blackcurrant is that it tastes sweet and sour at the same time. Perhaps that is why the black currant drink has become a true Danish classic. If you want to twist the classic drink a little, you can mix this currant drink with soda water instead of plain water. Then you get a beautiful sparkling beverage with the same amazing taste of black currant berries. 

Blackcurrant drink from Rynkeby is a loving greeting to the summers of childhood. Smells nice of ripe black currants and tastes both sweet and rich in the mouth. Mix with water (1 +4) and enjoy as it is, or in confectionery and desserts. For example, try heating the juice, adding in soaked husblas, and then using the slightly cooled juice to cover the top of a delicious, fatty and full-bodied cheesecake.

Brand: Rynkeby
Type: Lemonade
Info: 1 L
Shipping Weight: 1,25 kg
Ingredients: Sugar, black currant juice from concentrate (30%), water, natural black currant flavour, acidity regulator: Citric acid. Pasteurized.
Nutritional pr. 100 ml
Energy 952 kj / 227 kcal
Fat 0,5 g

- there of saturated fat

0 g


- there of sugars

56 g


Fibers 0 g
Protein 0,5 g
Salt 0 g