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Sierra Tequila Silver

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Description: Sierra Tequila is an original Mexican tequila. The Sierra Tequila is made from the insides of the blue agave plants. The blue agaves grow on the highlands plateau around the "Destileria Sierra" at the Atotonilco El Alto in over 2,000 meters. Only after 8-10 years are the valuable blue agaves is ripe and can be harvested. These highlands agaves are known to provide the cleanest and most fruity flavour. Sierra Tequila has won several awards, including the IWSC in 2014, for best mixto tequila, both as a reposado and as silver. This is partly due to the use of highlands agaves and that the mixture has 85% agave sugar, against the 51% that is required. The finished Sierra Tequila Silver has a crystal clear color, is distinctly pure in taste with a gentle and nice character. 


Note that there may be restrictions for certain countries that make it impossible to introduce alcohol. We refer to the customer's own responsibility to investigate whether it can be imported before ordering. Ordering any kind of alcohol is for the customers own risk.

Brand: Sierra Tequila
Type: Tequila
Info: 0,5 L
Alcohol-%: 38
Shipping Weight: 1,3 kg