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Description: Cointreau is the leading orange liqueur on the market and the world's most award-winning - with over 300 awards. With the highest concentrate of essential orange oils and the lowest sugar content. The world's first triple sec (term removed in 1960 to stand out from the copies). Triple = three times as high a concentrate of essential oils. Sec = more dry taste due to less sugar.

Cointreau belongs to the "triple-sec" drinks category, which covers liqueurs with orange flavour. It is especially popular as aperitif and digestif after the food, but it is used as often as an ingredient in beverages such as cosmopolitan, where it adds a round orange juice.

The Cointreau distillery dates back to 1849. The French Cointreau brothers behind the liqueur keep the exact recipe deeply secret, but we know that it contains orange peel from both sweet and bitter oranges, especially from Brazil, Spain, Macedonia and Haiti.

It gives a unique balance between the fresh and the sweet, and the clear liqueur is an indispensable part of every bartender's ingredient list.


Note that there may be restrictions for certain countries that make it impossible to introduce alcohol. We refer to the customer's own responsibility to investigate whether it can be imported before ordering. Ordering any kind of alcohol is for the customers own risk.

Brand: Cointreau
Type: Tiple-Sec
Info: 0,7 liter 
Alcohol-%: 40
Shipping Weight: 1,5 kg