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Noilly Prat

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Description: Noilly Prat a world famous french vermouth. It comes from fields in the Languedoc-Roussillon region - more specifically Herault. It is named after the river of the same name. Vermouth is a liqueur that was first made in 1786. 

Noilly Prat has a long history. Their first vermouth is from 1813. The name Noilly Prat comes from the surname of its inventor and his son-in-law.

Blend of dry white wines macerated with botanicals including Roman chamomile and gentian from France, bitter orange peels from Tunisia and nutmeg from Indonesia.

Herbal aromas balanced with subtle floral notes and hints of chamomile.

Served deliciously cooled on its own with a twist of lemon or in delicious drinks, eg. the classic Dry Martini.


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Brand: Noilly Prat
Type: Vermouth
Info: 0,75 L
Alcohol-%: 18
Shipping Weight: 1,5 kg